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Larry Weishuhun is a professional wildlife biologist, outdoor writer, book author, artist, after-dinner speaker, podcaster, outdoor television and radio show host and life-long hunter/wildlife conservationist.  As a professional wildlife biologist he has established quality wildlife management programs on well over 12,000,000 acres. As an outdoor writer/television show host he has published over 4,000 feature articles, columns and blogs, has authored and/or co-authored nine award-winning books and written chapters for many others; he has appeared in over 500 outdoor television episodes. Larry has hosted, co-hosted, owned and produced many award winning outdoor television series. He currently serves as a co-host for the weekly “A Sportsman’s Life” with Luke Clayton and Jeff Rice, which can be seen on and YouTube.
Larry currently does three weekly podcast: “DSC’s Campfires with Larry Weishuhn” which airs on Spotify, Applepodcasts,, and elsewhere; “Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry” on Sporting Classics Daily as well as many other platforms; “Catfish Radio with Luke Clayton and Friends” which can be listened to on  Larry too has been doing a weekly outdoor radio show with Luke Clayton since 2007, “Luke Clayton Outdoors”.
Even though known universally as “Mr. Whitetail” Larry has hunted extensively on six continents.  In 2007 he was inducted into the “National Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame” and that same year received the very sparingly presented “Zeiss Lifetime Achievement Award”.  Long involved in wildlife conservation and hunting Larry serves as a Brand Ambassador for Hornady, and long served as the “DSC (Dallas Safari Club) Ambassador”.
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